Thursday, August 07, 2008

PC-based logic analysers added to our range

A logic analyser is an invaluable debugging tool during the development of digital circuits, and these high quality products from Janatek Electronic Designs offer excellent value for money and ease of use.
The models range from 8 to 32 input channels, and feature sampling rates of up to 1GHz, and huge 1 Meg samples per channel data buffers.
They are designed for accurate measurements and the very best signal integrity; the high sampling rates available provide a more accurate representation of captured signals than is usually possible. The 1 Meg samples per channel buffer depth allows longer captures without lowering the sampling frequency, thus maintaining sampling resolution.
The combination of these two features is difficult to beat, being especially useful for capturing high and relatively low frequency signals simultaneously.
The analysers also feature integrated pattern generators to help diagnosis, and connect to the PC via the USB port, so avoiding the inconvenience of external power supplies.
The software for the analysers is intuitive, very easy to understand and gives the user one-button access to most of the advanced features. It includes a wide range of triggering options, and includes the ability to print or save to disk captured screen data. It is mature, reliable and user friendly, and incorporates valuable improvements suggested by past users.
This all means that now small companies and even individuals can afford to benefit from the diagnostic power of these logic analysers, all of which come with our lifetime support service by phone or email.
Free demonstration software is available from our website: