Friday, November 10, 2006

New Breakout Box

We have recently added a new breakout box to our range - this is the one for the "RS-530" standard, and full details can be found under the "Breakout boxes" heading on our website. (Click on the link to the right).

This is a good example of customer feedback - to be honest we had never heard of RS-530 before, but a potential customer rang and asked if we could supply a couple of these. We quickly verified that we could source them, and within a few days they were with him.

So, far from us having to push this product, we had been asked for something we didn't even sell! So naturally we have now added it to our website.

Similarly, if you require a variation to our range which we don't already supply, please do let us know, and we will be only too pleased to see if we can supply it for you. Please contact us by adding a comment below, or emailing us directly -


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